Sleep Easy – 5 Tips for Building a Sleep Easy Shelter

If you’re joining us for Sleep Easy this year, you’ve hopefully started to give some thought to creating your shelter for the night. Here are a few tips from us…


Think Ahead of Time and Plan

Decide what style and shape of shelter you want to build. Gather your materials well in advance and practise building it at home, so you know what to do on the night. The quicker you can build your shelter, the quicker you can get into it and out of the cold. Remember that a shelter with a roof will protect you a little more from the elements and reduce heat loss.


Be Prepared for Emergency Repairs

Bring extra cardboard, newspaper and plastic bags to replace any that get damaged. Also remember to bring plenty of duct tape to hold your structure together and for any possible repairs that may be needed through the night.


Minimise the Size of Your Shelter

The smaller the shelter, the easier it will be to warm up with your own body heat and keep warm. Don’t make it too small that you can’t fit in to it with all your layers and blankets though!


Think Waterproofing and Insulation

Use plenty of plastic bags to cover the outside of your shelter to keep it safe from the rain and snow. Use newspapers to line the inside walls of your shelter for insulation and remember to place some on the floor under your blanket or sleeping bag for extra insulation when sleeping.


Positioning of Your Shelter

Finally, try and secure a spot for your shelter that is not as exposed to the wind. For example, placing it next to a wall means that fewer sides of your shelter will be exposed to the wind meaning that there will be less heat loss.